Quality Assurance

Independent Verification and Validation

Constant evolution in software technology, rapid time-to-market, competitive pressures, and rising customer expectations have made testing more crucial than ever before. The increasing complexity of distributed, real-time software products / applications is creating a multiplicity of challenges for testing teams.

As a thought leader and innovator in testing, we conduct an in-depth analysis of client requirements, create extensive test frameworks and use the best suited test methodologies to deliver high-quality software in the stipulated time frame.

Through Agile testing, we deliver on Agile’s promise of ensuring software quality while achieving on-time delivery. By formalizing our nearly two decade-long experience into innovative frameworks, we help our clients accelerate time-to-market, improve software quality and reduce costs.

We leverage script less test automation techniques to further reduce automation time and make it more reliable and scalable.

Enortech offer the whole spectrum of software QA services across industries and technologies to help clients accelerate time-to-market, handle increasing compliance requirements and address performance challenges, while minimizing costs. Our testing practice provides flexible services – test consulting, on-demand testing, managed testing services and building Testing Center of Excellence to clients, addressing their specific business needs.

To sum up, you can leverage our investment in industry leading tools and robust frameworks, deep technology and domain experience and best practices to reduce the total cost of testing.

BAU Testing Services

In today’s ever changing, competitive business environment, enterprises are pushed to meet new demands that call for minor corrections or continuous enhancements to their business critical applications. While it is important to upgrade legacy systems, it is also important to ensure that the core business activities do not suffer disruptions while these changes are being implemented.

Our BAU testing experts ensure that your business can run as usual, when corrections / enhancements / upgrades are being made to your applications. We quickly prepare the test environment and ensure the business critical application is error free.

Specialized Services

We offer a full spectrum of testing services to help address all your software testing needs – from creating a test strategy to developing an automation framework and taking end-to-end responsibility of your testing requirements for improved software life cycle efficiency.

With the dawn of new era in testing, we constantly serve our clients in the best way by continually monitoring our testing processes for reliability and adding new service lines like cloud testing and mobile testing. These, in essence, are the niche and specialized testing services that we are experts at offering.

As a strategic partner, we offer comprehensive service offerings in the testing space with a proven track record of delivering high-quality, high-performance and high-availability software to clients across industries.

Solutions / Accelerators

We bring with us domain expertise, in-depth knowledge and experience in QA / testing that have facilitated the development of robust methodologies and frameworks. Our ready suite of testing accelerators and templates have helped our clients significantly reduce ‘time to test’ while improving accuracy and coverage.

A workflow-based test accelerator that ensures user participation in effective management of knowledge, requirements and testing.

Unified Test Management Solution (UTMS)

Integrated with domain-specific tools and technologies and frameworks to facilitate collaboration between testers, developers and business users in providing comprehensive testing services.

Healthcare Testing Framework

Testing framework exclusively for the healthcare industry addressing key areas such as, security, compliance and conformance, interoperability (HIE / EDI) and external integration.

Service Lines

We offer a full spectrum of testing services to help you address all your business needs – from creating a test strategy and developing an automation framework to taking end-to-end responsibility of your testing requirements for improved software life cycle efficiency.

Test Consulting

We advise clients to effectively and efficiently use QA / Testing Services in order to meet their business objectives.

Managed Testing Services

We deploy strategic methods for structured, improved, effective and efficient operations. We take complete ownership, responsibility and accountability for the end-to-end testing activities.

On-Demand Testing

We offer flexible resource and staffing options with engagement models that are customized to your specific requirements coupled with a fully equipped Test Laboratory.

Testing Center of Excellence

We provide the test organization, processes, environment and the skills to address your testing challenges, backed by clear return on investment.

Tools / Technology Expertise

Our teams of highly skilled test engineers have helped several clients across different industries leverage the latest testing tools, technologies and methodologies to accelerate their testing activity and improve software quality in the most cost-effective way.

While we have worked with leading tools, we are also well versed in the seamless integration of multiple tools to achieve maximum test automation and improve test efficiency.

We have dedicated test labs to facilitate testing. This includes a dedicated mobile test lab with physical devices and emulators both; on-premise and on-cloud.